At Rising Sun Property Maintenance we understand your property is not only a piece of land to be cared for, but it is an extension of who you are and what you want the world to see.

Take pride in knowing that we fully understand all properties have a story behind them, whether it is a workplace that employees congregate to take on any task at hand or if it is a family dwelling that involves outside gatherings around a barbecue with the people you love most. Whichever the environment let us help you maintain your piece of Canada and we can all grow and share some great stories together!

We are proudly servicing the Niagara Region during all seasons. Services include lawn care- grass cutting, weeding, planting, racking leaves. Drive and walkway pressure washing, asphalt, gravel and edging. House exterior, cleaning gutters, washing windows, inspecting shingles and gutters. Snow removal and salting from drive and walkways for slip prevention and excess waste removal for the spring cleaning time of year! add another page.