Fall Services

Fall can be so beautiful, with the vibrant shades of foliage, but those leaves have to go somewhere. At Rising Sun Property Maintenance we will rake and bag all of your leaves and prepare your property in order to get through the winter without having a large mess to clean up in spring.

Raking and bagging Leaves

We understand that it can be rather large task having a pile of leaves scattered around your yard, but I can assure you our team is more than capable of tidying them all up and leave you with the peace of mind going into the colder months to keep warm.

Cleaning Eaves Troughs

As the seasons continue to change you want to make sure your eaves troughs are working properly in order to all freezing and thawing. Getting them checked out and cleared is always a safe way to prevent any flooding in your basement

Trimming Back Gardens

Unfortunately, all great things come to an end. That is until next year at least. So let us assist you in trimming back your flower and vegetable garden and we can even discuss what plans you may have for the future seasson!

Let’s build something together.