Winter Services

We know winter can be a burden at time and understand the importance of safety and reliability. So let Rising Sun Property Maintenance help you get through it as safely and effortlessly as possible. Please review some of our services below.

We offer an assortment of services to make sure your home is protected during the winter months and you get through it with as little struggle as possible.

  • Salting walkways and placing salt boxes
  • Wrapping trees and shrubs
  • Building Snow fences
  • Clearing eaves trough of icicles and snow build up
  • Maintaining paths and driveways
  • General snow removal
  • Of course, if we have missed something we are more than happy to hear from you!

Maintaining Paths and Driveways

One of the biggest nuisances of winter is waking up and noticing an abundance of snow fell over night. Whether it is your work place that needs to be cleared out for early morning employee arrivals or you have difficulties physically with clearing out your driveway, we have the tools you need to go about your day.

Building Snow Fences.

Living in or near a rural area can be very peaceful, but wind gusts and snow drifts over long stretches of land can be dangerous to your property and the public passing by. Let us assist you with protecting your property with snow fences in order to keep it from reaching your home and way of transportation.

Wrapping trees and shrubs.

After a beautiful summer of finishing projects and possibly planting a new tree or two you need to have them protected from the elements in order to enjoy them the next summer. We have the staff and know how to protect your new addition to your property.

Let’s get through the tough times together.